"Liberty is the
ability to make
something new
out of that which
made you."
The brand is a bold typeface set within a zesty green circle, Greenery, Pantone's color of the year for 2017.

I am a business owner, product strategist, UX, UI and 3D designer who has collaborated with leading digital agencies, tech companies, and exhibition design firms in New York, Chicago, and Seattle such as Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Jack Morton, C&G Partners, Digitas, IQVIA, T-Mobile, Expedia, and Razorfish.

I convert business needs into products that sell themselves by delivering intuitive value to customers and end users. I am passionate about the role of design and strategic design thinking for digital transformation of business practices for greater efficacy.

As a strategist, I formulate, plan, and implement a strategy for a product, program, or design system by setting goals, determining actions, and mobilizing resources to execute those actions. By working with me, not only do you benefit from my business strategy acumen, you also get over nine years of expertise in UX design, as well as over ten years of architectural design experience. This includes my experience of managing design teams, a private consulting practice, and as an individual UX and UI designer for five enterprise web products and four mobile products.

Why do I do what I do

Humanity needs better experiences at work, in school, at home, or when we need to be healthier. I am passionate about creating value and impact for enterprise and eCommerce customers in all of my endeavors. As usage of the internet for facilitating business and personal improvements increases across the globe, I find that digital products and services require clarity of vision, increasing research and planning, and more precise execution methods with larger design and engineering teams.

How do I do it

The opportunities for solving complex business needs are becoming more achievable as collaboration software allows for better communication amongst diverse teams, local and remote. Every initiative needs a clearly defined vision and roadmap. I am adept at communicating the value proposition and goals of a product verbally and visually. I thrive when working with Product Owners and Managers to create contracts and roadmaps by analyzing the requirements and level of effort needed to allocate resources to a product.

I care deeply about the value that creativity brings to an organization, and seek to inspire, respect, and encourage designers and developers to collaborate and create elegant, efficient, and strong solutions. I am a firm believer in true Agile production processes, and have served as a design scrummaster for four product teams on national and global products. My subject matter expertise is in experience design for life sciences, hospitality, eCommerce, telecommunications, insurance, non-profits, and cultural institutions.

Born and raised in in Washington state, I work in Seattle now, though I worked in New York for over a dozen years. I have also lived in Chicago, Rome, Prague, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Alberta.

I hold a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University. I received my Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University.

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I currently only have one portfolio published, the last 10 years of my experience in digital strategy and experience design.

Product Strategy, UX / UI Design

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