"Liberty is the
ability to make
something new
out of that which
made you."
The brand is a bold typeface set within a zesty green circle, Greenery, Pantone's color of the year for 2017.

I believe in the power of imagination, creativity, collaboration, and criticism to elevate the human condition. These beliefs drive me to practice architectural and UX design.

I enjoy working with talented and successful people designing delightful, usable, transactional, communicative, and educational experiences.

My portfolio includes UX strategy and design for iOS and Android products, as well as websites on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

I work in Seattle now, though I worked in New York for over a dozen years.

In addition to innovative urban design and how the cultural praxis of contemporary urban living imparts upon mobile UX design, I am inspired by the wise integration of architectural and other technologically-enabled experiences with deserts, rivers, tides, prairies, and volcanoes.

I like traveling on inter-continental planes, inter-regional jets, reliable trains, weekend cars, boats, cycles, skis, and snowboards.

I have designed and managed architectural projects for over ten years. I enjoy a variety of professional activities ranging from client presentations to site maps, user flows, wireframes, full-color prototypes, and construction / development administration. I have nine years experience as an architectural designer for museums, commercial interiors, and hotels in New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Kansas City, Nashville, and Dallas.

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